Vilde, Vilde, Vilde… S1 E10

Watch episode 10 here.

Last episode ended on a biiiig cliff hanger: Isak told Iben. So episode 10 starts out with Eva on a mission to find Isak. She goes to his house and…Jonas answers the door. He won’t let Eva inside, because Isak’s having a meltdown. His dad left and his mom is going crazy, and Isak has to deal with it I guess. Eva can’t yell at him now when he’s sad, and can’t tell Jonas the real reason why she’s there so she just awkwardly talks to him outside.

eva  jonas porch.png

Later on, the four girls are sitting at lunch when Vilde walks by. Of course Noora is nice and calls Vilde over (even though they’re kind of in a fight). They invite her to sit down and eat lunch but Vilde can’t because she’s having lunch with the Pepsi Max girls. Oooh is Vilde finally in the bus group of her dreams?! To get even more petty, she asks them how their bus is doing in a patronizing way since hers is all figured out. But when Vilde goes up to the Pepsi Max girls to ask where they’re sitting, they look super confused as if they had no reason to talk to her… awkward. Maybe that friendship is just in Vilde’s head.

Eva and Jonas bump into each other on the stairs (so cliche) but they talk and everything seems normal. BUT of course some drama has to happen and up walks William and Chris. Chris acts like a douche and says “awkward” out loud when he walks by after a long stare between him and Jonas and then Jonas pushes him up the stairs. The two are fighting (not even fighting honestly more like wrestling- no punches were thrown) and William nonchalantly walks down the stairs and breaks it up. Chris gets mad at him for not backing him up but William is like “dude you hooked up with his girl, I would’ve killed you if I were him.” Keeping it real.


Eva and Iben are both in line for food at the cafe and start talking and Iben tells her she broke up with Chris! Big moves. And she invites Eva to a Christmas party at her house. The party is girl power themed which is dope because honestly all these problems are caused by or the result of issues with boys. And every girl in this show (and in life) could benefit from having another girls back. Looks like Eva hooking up with Chris didn’t bring all bad things. Eva knows that Vilde needs an ego boost, especially because the Pepsi Max girls don’t seem to want to reciprocate the friendship with her, and asks Iben to personally invite Vilde. Eva obviously doesn’t need to do this, she could just tell Vilde herself, but I guess the party theme came early because the girl power/looking out for each other is already kicking in.

The party looks fun and everyone seems to be getting along when Isak walks in. Eva goes up and asks about his mom like a good friend and pretends like she doesn’t know Isak told Iben. Eva lies and tells him that her and Jonas are back together to get his reaction, and purposefully tries to make him feel guilty by telling him he’s one of the few people in her life she can trust. And then she lays down the hammer and asks why he told Iben and why he ruined their relationship and her life. Surprisingly Isak doesn’t freak out or try to defend himself, he tells her to “think about it.” And then the truth comes out… Isak likes Eva and wants to be with her. He turns it around and victimizes himself and says that it’s not fair for him to be her relationship counselor when he likes her and that it’s hard for him and stuff. What a plot twist.


Eva and Isak’s conversation gets cut short when Noora runs in to grab Eva because Vilde passed out. Another sign of her potential eating disorder?? Or just an alcohol mishap? Of course the girls that take care of her are Eva, Noora Chris and Sana, not the Pepsi Max girls who Vilde thinks are her best friends. The girls help Vilde force herself to throw up it gets ugly… she throws up on Sana lol. The girls get her in bed and taken care of.

vilde .png

Everything seems to be taken care of when the girls hear Vilde say something: “I think I killed William’s baby tonight.” Waiiiit a second, is Vilde pregnant?? Maybe it’s not an eating disorder after all……


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